Somali Regional State of Ethiopia: The Corrosive Impact of Internalized Oppression

By: Muktar M. Omer - Fri 29-05-2015 15:38:56



By Muktar M. Omer

A tal..... Read more

The Powers of the President are Largely Nominal

By: Said Farah - Fri 07-11-2014 20:50:09

Recently I heard the president saying more than once that he has different views on a lot of po..... Read more

Somali PM to face 'no confidence' vote, donors fear instability

By: Reuters - Fri 07-11-2014 20:46:57

MOGADISHU - Somalia's prime minister will face a 'no confidence' vote next week, a ..... Read more

Is Somalia Ready for Credible Election In 2016?

By: by Mohamed H. Y. Shuriye. - Mon 04-08-2014 20:45:50

Is Somalia Ready for Credible Election In 2016?

13/7/14 With such a perplexing dilemma on the corridors of power ..... Read more

Main problem facing Somalia's government

By: Nour Omar - Fri 21-02-2014 08:35:56

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I wanted to share with you..... Read more

The Era of Female Police Is On the Wane

By: Hudda Ibrahim - Fri 07-02-2014 00:16:08

In 1979, the first Somali female officer, Asha Hassan Hussein, was riding a police motorcycle t..... Read more

Waran-Cadde’s Wallaweyn Problem

By: Hassan M. Abukar - Fri 07-02-2014 00:11:36

February 7, 2014
Hassan M. Abukar

I have a conf..... Read more

Aw Jaamac Cumar Ciise: Muftigii Taariikhda iyo Maansada Soomaalida u Miciinay

By: Ibrahim M. Deeq - Wed 22-01-2014 00:18:55

Ma daalihii ma hadhooyinka reebay ee mooro-gelinta iyo meel marinta sooyaalka iyo murtida Sooma..... Read more

The Land of Punt: Shedding More Light on Its Location- Part I

By: Said M-Shidad Hussein - Sun 29-12-2013 21:14:20

December 28, 2013

Int..... Read more

Mainstreaming Environment into the “Somali New Deal Compact”

By: Hon. Buri M. Hamza - Sun 29-12-2013 21:09:09

It appears that the Somali Compact – a process based on the New Deal Principles developed to determine the priorities ..... Read more

I understood Islam when I read the Book ?

By: Christopher Shelton - Fri 06-12-2013 05:13:27

December 6, 2013

From school days, Christopher Shelton would sit with America students — some of them Musli..... Read more

Puntland: 2014 Presidential Election, Who’s competent to lead?

By: Abdirizak A. Aden (Eelay) - Fri 06-12-2013 05:07:32

December 5, 2013

In a matter of a few weeks, on January..... Read more

Somali President is sliding Towards Dictatorship

By: Mohamed F Yabarag - Fri 06-12-2013 04:59:53

December 4, 2013

Whenever you think the misery of Somal..... Read more

Foolxumada Xamar taala iyo ku cayaaridda magaca dawladnimo

By: Cabdiraxmaan Cilmi Xaashi - Mon 25-11-2013 09:58:48

Maalmahan warka ugu xiisaha badan Soomaaliya waa casilaadda wasiirka 1aad.  Ilaa iyo 1990-..... Read more

Captain Philips: A sad ending for young Somali Pirates exploited by hidden forces

By: Ali H Abdulla - Sat 23-11-2013 07:49:39

November 23, 2013

By Ali H Abdulla

..... Read more

2014 Puntland elections: Farole Must Go Come Hell or High Water

By: Ahmed Y Ahmed - Sat 23-11-2013 07:45:00

November 23, 2013

By Ahmed Y Ahmed Read more


By: Marco Zoppi - Sat 23-11-2013 07:38:03

November 22, 2013

By Marco Zoppi

The constitution approved in 2012 r..... Read more

Future for Our Young Somalia Children

By: Ahmed Yassin - Thu 21-11-2013 05:17:52

Often, we hear of new colleges or universities opening in Somali,. We need to look into the edu..... Read more

Returning refugees from Kenya will destabilize Somalia

By: Sharon Waxman - Thu 21-11-2013 05:08:08

Commentary: International community must support Somalia’s efforts to provide physical safety and basic services.<..... Read more

The Truth About Somali Piracy

By: Nuruddin Farah - Thu 21-11-2013 04:55:16

A BBC caption for a story about the Danish hostages just released by Somali pirates reads that ..... Read more

Crossing Swords: Siad Barre and Professor Said S. Samatar

By: Hassan M. Abukar - Thu 21-11-2013 04:33:39

You have to know the past to understand the present.” Carl Sagan...... Read more

Khaatumo will prevail

By: Ibrahim Ahmed Musse - Thu 21-11-2013 01:39:44

The representatives of Khaatumo people are no longer  be selected by Puntland or Somalilan..... Read more

In Support of Nuruddin Farah's Article

By: Dr. Mohamed Abbas - Wed 20-11-2013 23:35:25

Nothing much has been written about Somalia's current President Hassa..... Read more

Haddii ay Maryooley Ahaan Lahayd!

By: Khaliil C. Xasan - Wed 20-11-2013 23:06:48

Si ay ku timidba, sanado ka hor, aniga iyo saaxiibbo kale oo Soomaaliyeed oo arrin ka sheekeysa..... Read more

Thus, I seek education

By: Halima Ali Ahmed - Wed 20-11-2013 21:16:26

My journey began in Somalia. I was born in 1987, just three years before the civil war would shatter the lives of most Somal..... Read more

Somalia’s Leader: Look Past the Hype

By: Nuruddin Farah - Wed 20-11-2013 21:08:41

ANNANDALE-ON-HUDSON, New York — One can’t talk about recent news from Somalia &mdas..... Read more

Challenges and Opportunities and the Firing of Prime Minister Saacid

By: Faisal A Roble - Wed 20-11-2013 08:19:55

In a 1959 address, John F. Kennedy said:  “When written in Chinese the word “c..... Read more