Is Somalia Ready for Credible Election In 2016?
Mon 04-08-2014 20:45:50

Is Somalia Ready for Credible Election In 2016?

13/7/14 With such a perplexing dilemma on the corridors of power in Washington and Brussels towards Somalia’s government in which they pledged billions of dollars to the stabilisation progression in addition to the building of state institutions, will this be the last chance of a United Somalia as we know it? How did we get to this situation from the euphoria of September 2012 presidential elections, the question remains how can we save the last two years of President Hassan Sheik administration to turn the wheels and deliver the oath they pledged to Somali people in devising a free and fair election based on equal rights by all Somalis?

We need to make an alteration break from the current ‘’Provisional Government’’ to a “manifest” Governance that truly represents as well as works for the Somali People everywhere. I know it’s a bold statement and you might say “we” do have an elected government and a president, with a parliament that is based on the embarrassing system of 4.5, however be honest with yourself do we really have a government that is based on real elections, contested by visionary leaders with factual plans for the future of this nation. If the answer is “NO” then let’s call it what it is, a provisional body with a face of government recognised by the international community more than Somali’s themselves. The question remains, how we can overcome this paralysis of lying to one’s self about our current governments ambitions towards getting to the 2016 election.

Provisional period spans across a broad spectrum of activities along a very long path out of conflict and towards sustainable development, greater national/regional ownership and increased state capacity. This includes recovery and reconstruction activities that traditionally fall between the Humanitarian and development categories and security-related peace-building activities. If these measures are met and delivered honestly, then the Somali people will believe in their government and representatives in parliament. This will enable our government to start making effective variation towards outside players to look at our capacity building internally different in regards to our engagement of future partnerships with the international community.

Certain Prominent Somali Intellectuals argue for the election be halted until further reconciliation is achieved, whilst former Government Ministers are rallying to let the election go forward like Afghanistan regardless of the security situation. I agree with the former concept in regards to halting the election until a consensus government is reached and contracted. A commission of experts needs to guide the conclusion proceeding the constitution, then set up a ministry of regional affairs headed by a credible man or women and their only purpose for the nomination is to settle the dispute of borders, break down the walls of hate and suspicion of the others and finally start talking to Somaliland with a vision and leadership that transcends the current and former treatment. Keeping in mind that these circumstances are very delicate and needs serious pragmatism from the current administration, yet I don’t see such leadership at the capital Mogadishu.

Observing the news it’s very shameful to see the “tremendously well-paid” so called AMISOM solders failing to do their basic job. Allowing one to wonder if they are simply there just to fill their pockets and work towards a stable retirement future, Or perhaps they doing what their job description pronounces, if that is doing close to nothing about a dying nation. It’s been over 2-3 years since Al-Shabab were dethrone and chased from the capital, however the menace is still alive with our government ministers killed on broad-daylight in the capital, parliament under-siege by terrorist group Al Shabab, and finally last week the Presidential palace was recently attacked with watchful eye of “AMISOM” and Somali National Army, pessimism is welcomed to acknowledge the realities on the ground.

This shows the inability of the government in reaching to stabilise the country, even with the new help from international/regional governments facilitating to train and reinstitute the Somali national army to an effective level of competence, still the threat will cost more pain and further destruction without a political grievances addressed and noted. The current administration strategies so far has not changed even with a new Prime Minister elected, the situation is getting worse further complicating future reconciliation processes.

There is a current dogma of let’s take all that we can in some southern state regions by elites in the capital before we can sit at the table for future negotiations, this will only create further division and alienation, then finally the partition of this great nation by world powers beyond us as Somalia’s.

We should not be farfetched from the reality of neighbourly nations that were partition in the last 5 years alone. Let’s take the example of Sudan one of biggest nations in Africa with its land and natural resources; the government in the north ignored the realities in the South who were asking for more participation in the governance of the nation affairs. You by now know what the outcome is; the partition of greater Sudan to a creation of a New South Sudan independent from the North, this should be a lesson for us to learn from very quickly if Somalia is to stay UNITED in the future.

The nation is facing difficult times ahead, the deceitful neighbourly nations of Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda with their financers are plotting and scheming to sell to the world that Somalia is un-governable nation, so let’s partition it for the greater good of the horn in regards to peace, security, and economic development. They already have done such things in the past, with places such as “Ogadenia” and “NFD” being within their borders for the past 50 years, besides seeing how weak and divided we are in our current situation towards tribal lines which they prompted and invested in it since the collapse of the Bare regime, it’s time to finally let the cat out the bag.

This is apocalyptic A scenario, then there is outlook B which is the renaissance of Somalia as a untied people and standing shoulder to shoulder with a shared proud history before the civil war interrupted the process of our modernity. Furthermore, this is only feasible primarily once Somali’s around the world are untied unconditionally through bounds of brotherhood and the youth taking responsibilities consequently becoming the change we have been waiting for; Second the current leaders should stop and look past the tribal lines that has halted the process of this great nation standing on its own feet once again and moving forward to a fertile future. Thirdly, we need to create an atmosphere of clean hearts between us to do the difficult job that the future awaits, a total forgiveness of one another is paramount, in opposition I don’t see the need to have an election in 2016 for that can only be done once the heart is absolutely clean from hate and as a result I can nominate individuals based on their merits, intelligence, truthfulness, sincerity, patriotism, nationalism, and above all fear of Allah for they will be accountable for the hereafter if one sells out HIS people for materialistic gains.

The development of inclusive, effective and internally democratic political parties goes hand in hand with support for elections in fragile and post-conflict states such as Somalia. Voting is the most direct means by which citizens participate in political process, but almost all democracies rely on political parties as the intuitions that make this process possible. Effective governance and genuine democracy in fragile and post-conflict states like Somalia requires political parties that are inclusive, transparent, accountable, and internally democratic. Parties provide critical avenues for public participation and national dialogue in post-conflict and fragile states, and effective political parties are essential to a functioning democracy. Within legislatures, parties can provide a peaceful arena for public debate, political competition, and mediation of social conflicts.

Citizens of Somalia does this sound like something we are close to achieving, if not then the question arises to why have an elections without real tangible results and visions achieved from the current administration moving forward to guaranteed date of 2016 elections, Is it just for the sake of aphorism we had an election and perpetuity stay the same?



Mohamed H. Y. Shuriye.

Master of International Relations,

LA Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia.

Qoraaga: by Mohamed H. Y. Shuriye.