Puntland Vice President Calls For UNDSS To Elucidate Insecurity Reports
Garoowe Wed 07-10-2015 04:34:21

Danood Media Puntland Vice President Abdihakim Abdillahi Hajji Omar has on Monday criticized United Nations Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) for its insecurity reports in Puntland state capital, Garowe.  In his opening speech of the review of the United Nation Joint Program for Local Government held in Garowe, Vice President expressed appreciations to the donors of the International Community and United Nation Agencies for supporting the JPLG program, while underscoring the hard work and commitment of Puntland ministries and local governments.


“It’s noteworthy mention that JPLG remarkably contributed to the delivery of local services, peace and capacity building, on behalf of the government of Puntland”, stated Amey. In an off the cuff remarks, Amey criticized UNDSS for its insecurity reports in Garowe, which usually halts the International staff’s access to Puntland, calling for an immediate elucidation. “I, the Vice President of Puntland walk from my residential area to teashops without fear and insecurity, it’s really interesting that the United Nations’ Department of Security and Safety reported insecurity in Puntland, we are calling up on them to clarify the sources to this information,” noted Amey.


The Vice President urged United Nations Department of Safety and Security to communicate with the government’s intelligence and other security agencies for such critical reports that can weaken the security in general. The call comes at a time when the people of Puntland are enjoying relative peace and calm across all Puntland regions.